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Atas dasar kesadaran tinggi dan tanpa paksaan, dengan ini di umumkan bahwa Blog ini akan di aktifkan kembali..  horeeeeee, makasih banyak buat Mba Doris Aminah Nasution dan para leader lainnya di dBCN. Setelah 4 tahun tidak di tengok, akhirnya aku kembali kesini. Ibarat mudik ke kampung halaman, disini mudah2an jadi tempat yang tidak akan terganti lagi alias ilang. Masih teringat Blog ku tahun 2008 yang tiba2 raib entah kemana.. hanya sedikit jejak dari mbah gugel saja yang menjadi reminder bahwa pernah ada yang namanya
A good juice is juice that includes also the fibers of fruit or vegetables. Precisely in the fiber that contained anti-oxidants which is very good for health. Therefore, if you make fresh juice, the best way is to use a blender instead of using a juicer.
Health is important. Everyone knows. Health must be maintained. Everyone understood. But to actually do it, many who can not remember. Though health can be maintained with simple and easy ways: regular and nutritious meals. Here are the steps that must be intelligently replicated to remain obedient to the rules of eating a healthy and beneficial for the body.

Eating the right portion Eat on time: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And in every hour to eat, the amount of food intake is not excessive.

Drinking water Thirst is not thirsty, drink water, not hot, hot, drink water. Not negotiable, we should drink water every day. We recommend drinking eight glasses. If it could be more, the better.

Eat vegetables and fruit Every day, eat fruit and vegetables. An apple, a small plate of vegetables each day, enough. A banana is very good for breakfast. Content of Potassium in bananas beneficial to the body strength.
The rice was okay Carbohydrates required by the body to add energy. So do not avoid the rice. Stay organized portion. Expand vegetables rather than rice, and if you want to add elements of fiber, try brown rice.
Snack is  necessary Refrain from eating for a long time, will create a very hungry stomach. If you eat when hungry, then the amount of food intake is usually more. Conversely, if you fill the belly every two hours with healthy snacks such as biscuits, banana or other fruit will continue to fill the stomach, whereas the number of the food intake is not much.
There are many causes of irregular menstrual cycles, among others:
  • Disruption of hormone function, because menstruation is closely associated with the hormonal system that regulated the brain, precisely in the pituitary gland. This hormonal system will send signals to the ovaries to produce eggs. If the regulatory system is disrupted, the menstrual cycle would be disrupted.
  • Stress, because it would interfere with metabolism in the body system. It could be because of stress, you will become tired easily, lose weight drastically, even sickly, so that metabolically disturbed. When disturbed metabolism, menstrual cycle will also be disrupted.
  • Disruption of thyroid function / thyroid. Impaired thyroid production is either too high (hyperthyroid) or too low (hypothyroidism) that disrupt the hormonal system of the body.
  • Systemic disorder that also affects metabolic systems. It usually occurs in people with diabetes or women who have overweight or conversely too thin.
  • Now try to look at yourself again, if you are experiencing stress or overweight, or perhaps a drastic weight loss? Then, on your menstrual blood volume, it was still normal. Normal menstrual blood volume itself between 50-150 ml. This means no more than the contents of a cup. So you do not need to worry. All you have to do now is to always maintain fitness and body weight remained within normal limits.
Bacteria called Anaerobic Xerostomia or sulfur content of the bacteria actually was the cause of stale product . Other causes of bad breath is consumed drugs, alcohol, sugar, cigarettes, caffeine and dairy products. An easy way to solve this problem by brushing your teeth (do not forget the tongue), floss and drink lots of water.
This is a warning for pregnant women. Do not try to drink carbonated beverages. Moreover, too often. Can result in babies born prematurely. "This is not a good choice for pregnant women," said Dr. I. Thorhallur Halldórsson from Staten Serum Institute, Copenhagen Danish. According to him, as quoted by website, soft drinks has the potential to increase blood pressure. Though high blood pressure is not good for pregnant women. Moreover, at birth, could threaten the lives of mothers and babies.
Recommendation was submitted after he conducted a study of 60 000 Danish women. They asked about diet, and how many soft drinks are consumed every day. Then note their pregnancies, especially after going into week 25. The result is 38% of pregnant women who drink soft drinks gave birth less than 37 weeks. While in between who do not drink soda, only 5% who gave birth prematurely.
Halldórsson said, the risk is increased if the amount of soda consumed more. Four cans of soft drinks a day increases the risk of preterm birth was 80%. This relationship is the same for those who are overweight or not. This risk is also shown in similar studies. "This is a warning for pregnant women. Although low-calorie, soft drinks harmful to pregnancy," he said.
Slim waist are not only beautiful, also more healthy. Large waist circumference is highly exposed to potentially serious diseases, especially heart disease and diabetes.
Fat which accumulates in the abdominal cavity is more dangerous than in other body parts. Cause, the fat cells bigger, resulting in excessive fat accumulation in adipose tissue, and eventually produce harmful proteins. The higher levels of bad cholesterol, then the longer the person's belt.
You can perform manual measurements using a tape measure used by tailors. When measuring, release the waist of a skirt or trousers. Position the tape measure horizontally above the hip bone. Then draped around the abdomen. Look at the number where the digits 0 to see the last digit waist. That's your waist size.
Measuring waist circumference is considered safe for women is less than 80 cm and men less than 90 cm. More than that number, it means that your excess belly fat.
Measures need to watch out is if exceeding 101 cm (40 inches) for men and women are larger than 89 cm (35 inches). That could be a warning that you are at high risk of diabetes type 2 disease, uncontrolled high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease.